Welcome to the future.

The burdens on business and vacation travelers are high in today’s world. Soon it may not be possible to carry or even check laptop computers on-board aircraft. The ever present concerns over theft and loss are there as well. Now you can offer your guests the solution they need. No more lugging a laptop around worrying about theft or breakage. No more security hassles at the airport. No more aching shoulders. Now they can leave the laptop at home. Business travelers can get their work done using the Microsoft Office applications while vacationers can have fun surfing the web, playing games and sending email.

In development for the last 5 years, only the best hardware, software, service and support has been combined to create this world class solution we call CompuGuest.

The CompuGuest solution provides the hotel guest a full featured workstation in the privacy of their room. No longer is the guest constrained by having to bring a laptop, renting a system from the business center or buying time on a PC at the Internet cafe. Now they can get their work done, check their email, surf the web, browse hotel and concierge information, and much more all from the privacy and comfort of their room. Whether it be working all night to finish up that presentation for the morning meeting or keeping in touch with the family while on vacation, CompuGuest has services that will be important to all of your guests.

At Suboro we understand todays economic climate. Money is tight and services that you would like to offer are out of the question due to budgetary constraints. By leveraging the more than 30 years of experience of our parent company, Associated Leasing International Corporation, we are offering a 100% leased solution that requires NO upfront costs and includes all hardware, software, infrastructure, service and support costs in one low per room lease charge.